• Madeline Chavoustie

Embrace Your Weakness

Life is just too hard right now. These circumstances feel unbearable. We are being stretched too thin. I simply cannot go on like this. I can’t do this!

As a foster or an adoptive parent (or any parent really), we know these thoughts all too well; we’ve grown accustomed to them. This isn’t to say we hate our life (or our children!), but we become very aware that our own ability to love and care for others just simply isn’t enough or at least producing the results we want. And this, my friends, is sometimes exactly where God wants us: at the end of our ropes, feeling our own limitations, and to be completely aware that we cannot do it on our own accord.

It is when we are here, in the moments of pure relinquishment, that God loves to come in. BUT GOD. He doesn’t bring us to a point of complete desperation and leave us there. God delights in our weaknesses because that is where He can show us the might of His power! His power is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9)! He has designed our weaknesses uniquely for us so that in them His power is made perfect, and we get front row seats to this intimate showing of God’s work in our life.

We tend to think weakness is a negative thing, that we need to stay away from our weaknesses. But God’s desire is for us to humbly know we cannot do this on our own strength and in turn to know that only in God can we endure hardships (and not just endure but have joy in them too!). Humility is His aim. Pride is our downfall. The more we are in a place where we know without a doubt we cannot do this on our own, the more we recognize who really has the power. Previously we may have thought we have control to do things and become successful, but that is an illusion. Praise God he puts us in our place. I’m sure we can all remember a time where we felt like we were drowning. Can you also recall Him getting you through that time? Can you remember what you learned, and how much closer to Him you got? Can you now praise God for bringing you into those deep, rushing waters you desperately wanted out of? His primary goal may not have been to pull you out of the water, but instead to pull you into His boat as you faced the rapids together.

So, let’s learn to love our weaknesses and see them as opportunities for God to show us His power in them. Let’s embrace following His will, even if that means saying yes to hard things, as we know God is our sustainer and will get us through. Admit we cannot do this and need His help. Total relinquishment. Pure abandonment. Full surrender. THIS is where God wants us- to be on our knees pleading with the Lord for His mercies, grace, and divine intervention. When you come to this place, have expectancy to see God work. Wait for His hand to be upon you and your situation. He does not abandon his children.

When we begin to hand over our weaknesses for His use, we also begin the process of dissembling our pride and arrogance in thinking we have it all together and can handle it. He breaks us down in love, chipping away at our self-centeredness and self worship. He takes us from our high place so we are now lying in bits and pieces at the feet of Jesus. Never would I say this is easy or pain free. It does hurt and it will ensue stripping of the flesh.

But rest assured, in the midst of opposition and hardship, Jesus’ feet are far better to behold than the shiny image of your own wonderful self.

So, my charge to you is to REMEMBER. Remember what GOD has done (not you!). Remember those times you were at the end and God carried you through. Remember those months you had no sleep and God gave you rest. Remember when relationships were broken, and God brought healing. Remember when you felt hopeless and God showed you a glimmer of hope. By remembering to whom the credit is due, we can glorify God more, remain humble in our low state, and elevate the One who deserves all the praise.

Embrace your weaknesses. Let God use them. And wait to see what He does…


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